Nilambur Urban Corridor Development

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    Under Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project

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    Urban and Rural Planning Infrastructural Development Transport Planning Designing and Engineering

The project involves redesigning of Nilambur Urban Corridor (the Calicut-Nilambur-Gudalur State Highway) to manage, promote and elevate growth, development and connectivity and contain region-specific spatial planning challenges. Nilambur town exists along SH28, the main artery to the town and is the hub for major commercial activities; the transportation corridor kindling trading activities and related growth. The town is currently undergoing gradual unplanned developmental changes that might transform its identity. This has more significantly been found to increase congestion along the Nilambur Urban Corridor (CNG state highway 28) and also affect mobility along other networks branching from it.  Hence, this strategic corridor that accommodates a major share of inter and intra-regional passenger traffic apart from goods and services to, from and through Nilambur, faces a calculated risk of infrastructure failure unless contained and supported. This stresses the need to improvise and add to the existing infrastructure of the corridor through meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the growth dynamics. Such an approach will ease mobility and favour responsible economic, environmental and social growth of the region. The design proposal aims to solve the base issues in the region mainly those concerning traffic and infrastructure in its first phase and to regenerate the main corridor to an urban corridor. Treating vacant and open spaces to catch the towns’ attention and providing places and amenities for community activities are other proposals, which also will help to boost up tourist activities.