Pedestrian Path & Amenities In Tirur

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    Tirur Municipality

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    Urban and Rural Planning Infrastructural Development Transport Planning Designing and Engineering

The plan focuses on the integrated development of Tirur area by providing pedestrian paths and amenities from Thazheppalam to Payyanagadi and creating an upgraded urban corridor which can facilitate the daily movement of people thereby promoting an overall socio economic development of the region. The project attracts a detailed literature study of a corridor along the highway. The traces of urban agglomeration in the two sides of the highway in this 2.6km stretch are identified. The daily movements of the people on both sides of the railway track are studied in detail. The plan is focused on addressing the regional level as macro level issues in connectivity and infrastructure of the region. Traffic studies will be done along all abutting roads along with analyzing the engineering aspects of the road and its sufficiency. Along with this the pedestrian survey is also to be done in the market area and near the railway station. After conducting the survey analysis of the data is done to frame out a development concept for region. Then regional level issues which are identified will be addressed keeping in mind the present trends of development of the Tirur area. Special focus is put to identify and categorize different livelihood trends of the local people. The traditional knowledge of the local communities will be considered for livelihood options which can be linked to the infrastructure development. Participation of local bodies in the area could be an effective tool in gathering the relevant information. Innovative steps will be taken to identify schemes to initialize the economic development. Each urban pocket shall be taken independently to identify the issues problems, gaps and propose infrastructure development projects.

The identified region will be analyzed spatially and in destination level for infrastructural and transportation gaps.  Projects will include destination development as well infrastructure development. Detailing of the projects will be done to suit the overall frame work of connectivity and destination development.  The whole package shall be knitted with focus on environment ensuring the sustainability of the CBD in short term and long term scenario. The plan shall be prepared based on the pedestrian standards as well as traffic and transportation principles for an overall sustainable development.