Rajiv Awas Yojana – Slum Rehabilitation Project

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    Voyants Solutions Private Limited

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    Urban and Rural Planning Socio economic studies –Surveys and Market Research Slum Rehabilitation

Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) is a scheme launched by the Govt of India in 2009, focusing on slum dwellers and the urban poor. This scheme aims at promoting a slum free India and focus on according property rights to slum dwellers. It would provide basic amenities such as water supply, sewerage, drainage, internal and approach roads, street lighting and social infrastructure facilities in slums and low income settlements adopting a whole city approach.

Rajiv Awas Yojana envisages a ‘Slum-free India’ through encouraging States/Union Territories to tackle the problem of slums in a definitive manner. It calls for a multi-pronged approach focusing on:

We prepared detailed project report for three corporations

Associated with lead consultants named Voyants Solutions Private Limited a Delhi based company. We had prepared detailed project report for Thrissur, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram Corporations.

Scope of work

  • Preparation of DPR

Preparation   of   Detailed   project   reports   for   providing/upgrading,   housing,   physical   and   social infrastructure facilities in identified slums under the slum free city plans as per the Ray Guidelines circulated by MoHUPA Govt. of India. The following are the key task and activities involved in Preparation of DPR.

  • Preparation of Digitized base of slums using the base map submitted by DTCP.
  • Topographical survey  of the  slums  using  Total  station,  with  geo-referencing,  including  Slum Household  Socio-economic  Survey  with  the  help  of  community  and  Micro-planning  by  the slum dwellers for housing, environmental and social infrastructur
  • Integrated non  -spatial  data  with  spatial  data  in GIS  mode  to  generate  a web-based  GIS enabled  slum  information  system.
  • Reconnaissance & Data Collection of Existing Infrastructure in slums and Mapping of Existing Infrastructure facilities related to Roads, Storm Water Drainage Water Supply, Under Ground Sewerage System & Street Lighting
  • Mapping of Social Infrastructure Facilities
  • SWOT Analysis for the identified Slums
  • Reviewing the Existing Situation and Undertaking Necessary Assessments
  • Engineering Surveys, Investigations, Inventory and Feasibility
  • Assessment of Existing / proposed Off-site Infrastructure facilities
  • Hydraulic Designs, Cost Estimates duly considering all factors
  • Preparation of Infrastructure Drawings for Slums
  • Review of Environmental & Social related aspects in the slums & Suggestions to improve the same
  • Implementation Schedule & Execution Methodology of the Project in consultation with Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation
  • Obtaining Approvals from GHMC, MoHUPA, GoI