Renovation of Waterways In Thrissur

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    Under Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project

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    Urban and Rural Planning Destination and Circuit Development Tourism Planning

Renovation of  Vanjikulam and Thoopinmoola waterways

The Vanchikulam canal, located in Thrissur district is the longest man-made canal in Kerala. It is famous for its history and glory.  The aim of the project is to rejuvenate Vanchikulam and a stretch of the canal and its environments which will not only include the geometrical and ecological improvement of the water channel, but also planned development in the immediate environs. The water bodies of the city have undergone degradation due to encroachments, algae formation and waste accumulation.

The project focuses on rejuvenation of the water body and canal by removing encroachments and pollution thereby improving the water quality and to ensure proper protection of water edges to prevent erosion along the sides as well as block immediate access to dump waste in the canal thus maintaining the ecological balance of the canal and reestablish the degrading biodiversity and habitats. It also involves framing sustainable technologies maintenance and management as well as methods to resume the water flow in the canal along with pedestrianizing and landscaping of the water body environment to transform the area as an attractive public area. Another main objective is to revive the Kole fields from degradation