Comprehensive Tourism Development in Canoli Canal and its Environs

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    Urban and Rural Planning Infrastructural Development Tourism Planning

KITCO limited is a subsidiary of the Government of Kerala, set up to formulate projects and offer consulting services to aid in the industrialization of the State. Tourism being one of the most prominent industries of Kerala, GITPAC was asked to derive a master plan for canal-based tourism development for the identified region, considering the canal features, socio-economic and environmental settings and the tourism potential. GITPAC’s assignment was focused on achieving the following objectives:

  • Kozhikode becoming the hub of tourism activities in the whole of northern Kerala
  • Development of high-end tourism infrastructure facilities at Canoli canal and its environs
  • Attraction of large scale private investment to the region
  • Increased income and employment to the local population
  • Conservation and protection of canal and surrounding environment

GITPAC identified and prioritized on the following key principles to ensure the success of the project:

*      Undertaking the present tourism scenario of the region.

*      Making the Canal Navigable

*      Development of Basic Infrastructure and Connectivity

*      Tourism Product Development

*      Development of High –End Tourism Infrastructure

*      Catering to Urban Development Needs

*      Ensuring Conservation of Environment

*      Ensuring Socio-Economic Sustainability

*      Ensuring Financial Viability


The outcome was a development model that aimed at achieving the desired land use over a period of time, through encouraging large scale private investment in the region and implementation of the land use regulation. Model proposed ensures that any development in the region shall give a fair share of benefits to the local community, be it through direct employment or entrepreneurship development, and at the same time safeguarding the urban development needs of the destination

*       Concept Plan for Tourism Development

*       Canal Development Corporation

*        Rehabilitation Package