Pre-Feasibility Study of Lake Victoria Tourism Development Plan Uganda

Project Info

  • Client Name

    Ministry of Tourism, Trade & Industry, UGANDA

  • Category

    Socio economic studies –Surveys and Market Research Feasibility Studies and Transaction Advisory

Africa’s most amiable country, Uganda provides its visitors an unforgettable experience through its unmatched wild life safaris, cultural experience, eco-tourism activities, lakes and rivers etc. The natural heritage consisting of magnificent locales, fascinating landscapes, exciting wildlife and dense equatorial forests along with excellent climate and friendly people makes Uganda a unique travel destination.

The project involves

  • Identification and mapping of  tourism resource (Natural, Cultural, Manmade) in a people participatory mode by holding discussions with local authorities, people’s representatives, NGOs, tourism industry representatives, academicians, government officials etc and site visits
  • Detailed analysis of the present tourism scenario of the region including tourism trend, tourism infrastructure, industry – community relationship, tourism related social and environmental issues, environmental baseline and perception analysis to re-establish the sectoral importance.
  • Categorization of tourism resources in terms of physical and functional character into major and minor tourism centers and products and link them to form potential circuits with a view to maximize the community benefit
  • Study of island tourism, their present circuit characteristics and possible avenues for diversification and alternate tourism circuits
  • Identification of tourism related issues and problems
  • Identification of infrastructure gaps in fostering development of tourist centers, circuits and hubs
  • Formulation of strategies for development of tourism focusing environmental up gradation of the Lake Victoria region and socio-economic benefit to local community
  • Formulating the strategies for marketing the tourism products

It is a joint venture with Universal Empire Group, New Delhi, India.