Irattinpuram Rock Park

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  • Client Name

    DTPC Thiruvananthapuram

  • Category

    Architectural Design Suistainable Tourism Development

A rock or a sculpture park is an outdoor garden earmarked for the presentation of sculpture, usually several permanently sited works in durable materials in landscaped surroundings. Exhibits range from individual, traditional sculptures to large site-specific installations. The only other rock park in Kerala is the Malambuzha rock garden which was inaugurated in 1996. Now it is maintained by the DTPC. Even though the concept of sculpture garden is relatively new to Indian context of tourism destination development, it is seen attracting a large number of tourists in foreign countries. Project proposes the development of a planned public space in a rocky site identified at Irattinpuram. DTPC Thiruvananthapuram is planning to give a 1st stage treatment to the destination at Irattinpuram, Neyyatinkara making it accessible for all age groups to experience and explore the natural beauty of rock- water continuum. Our objective is to develop the area, offering the tourist with a divergent experience of sculpture tourism, catering the public in Neyyatinkara and surrounding areas acting as an evening park and leisure space. Care is taken to ensure the provision of all basic facilities like parking, lighting and safely features for the tourist.