Preliminary Masterplan Report for Sundarbans

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    Government of West Bengal

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    Destination and Circuit Development Tourism Planning

The Sunderbans region cover a total area of 9630 sq. km and includes 426400 ha of the Sunderban Mangrove forest is protected area which consists of the following :

Sunderban Tiger Reserve (260000 ha) the core zone of which is the Sunderban National Park ( also designated as the Sunderban UNESCO World Heritage site) and whose buffer zone includes the Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary (32240 ha) and Reserve Forest (52300 ha)  970 sq. km marine zone in Bay of Bengal

The governing concept for the preparation of comprehensive master plan for the sustainable development of tourism of Sundarban would be the holistic planning of the region integrating the various elements of tourism potential in a single string accounting for sustainability and threshold limits of the area

The project includes the development of Henry Island, Sagar Island, Frasergunj, Nakkhali, Susni Island, Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park, Hamilton Island and also includes Macro level interventions for the Sundarbans, South Pargana District.