Upgradation of Taluk Hospital Chavakkad

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  • Client Name

    Chavakkad Municipality

  • Category

    Architectural Design Masterplan Urban and Rural Planning Infrastructural Development

Chavkkad Taluk Hospital is a prestigious institution delivering health and allied services to all strata of people in and around the taluk and the district. The vision of the municipality is to develop this prestigious hospital into a first of its kind model taluk hospital. It should also represent a marvel inbuilt space and open-space design which suits the function of a hospital and gives composure to the patients.

 The hospital needs substantial expansion of its patient care facilities, mainly of modern buildings. The present hospital operates from widely spread out, old and dilapidated buildings that are almost on the verge of demolition. The master plan to upgrade the hospital infrastructure and services to the patient community aims at the holistic development of the hospital premises and uplift itself to match global standards in the hospital industry.

The hospital is a 3.25acre campus located at 2 km from the Chavakkad town towards the west of town at the banks of the Canoli canal.



To convert the campus to a model of excellence in health care delivery system and a spectacle in space design with merging interiors and organized exteriors.

To study the existing scenario of the hospital campus· & propose suitable solutions for solving the planning related issues  

To bring out innovative solutions that will bring more social benefits with due consideration· to the needs of doctors, nurses and hospital staff  Adding· & Upgradation of existing infrastructure and facilities  

To design solutions for vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic·  

To prepare strategies that will bring down the impact of human interventions on· environment  

To introduce high rise structures to free more space on the ground level from vehicular and· pedestrian movement.